Shaping the world beyond the pandemic




By Peter Merry

Humanity Rising represents a movement of people and organizations coming together to take counsel on how to start shaping the world beyond the pandemic. The coronavirus has been an unprecedented global event. 

For the first time in history, virtually everyone everywhere has been challenged by the same illness with consequences that have effectively compelled most infected countries into some form of lockdown. 

People all over the world are having the same feelings about their wellbeing, the same thoughts about survival, and the same questions about how they are going to rebuild beyond the pandemic. This is true whether you are an individual, a company, an organization, or a country.  All of us everywhere at every level are in the same conversation. 

Everything has been disrupted, everything needs to change. Let us take advantage of this and come together to transform this crisis into an opportunity to reshape our world in alignment with a positive vision of the future.

Humanity Rising seeks to convene a global commons with the purpose of building a global coalition strong enough to implement the solutions needed to create a sustainable future.  There is no time to rehash the past and assign blame. All of us are to blame and all of us have been victimized in some way. 

All of us must now come together to implement solutions. We intend that this initiative be 100% solutions based. The pandemic stopped our world. Now we must face the future together. Quite literally, everything we hold sacred is in the balance. 

We must come together to chart our course  to new specifications, navigate with different coordinates, and embrace new models that take the wellbeing of our planetary ecology and all the peoples into account.

The basic design is for an ongoing dialogue over time with the Solutions Summit launching an ongoing global action coalition. This is important because world events are changing every day and we want to be able to interact with events as they unfold. 

The world will shapeshift many times between now and the end of  the year and into 2021 and beyond. We will continue to adapt and evolve as the global situation evolves. 

The essential imperative is that we all come together in dialogue and action to ensure that the world community seizes the opportunity to rebuild beyond the pandemic in a more abundant and sustainable way as framed by the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Join the conversation. Make a difference.

Peter Merry is Chief Innovation Officer at Ubiquity and Co-Founder of Transitions in Education