Study or die

Migration is the world’s oldest response to poverty. Currently over 200 million impoverished individuals live outside of their home countries, working to feed their families thousands of miles away. This money, however, only provides for the basics. For many families, the remittances are simply a stopgap, as the economic fundamentals do not change. Aidha works with poor communities to start impactful savings programs, productive investment and entrepreneurial ventures. The project offers a variety of money management, computing and entrepreneurship courses, specifically designed for low-income migrant workers. Its teaching methodologies are based upon small group interaction, peer support and practical training.

Currently, aidha’s annual student enrollment exceeds 500, while the total number of indirect beneficiaries extends beyond 2,000 each year. Additionally, more than 250 community and student volunteers provide invaluable support in the delivery of aidha’s innovative club and workshop programs.


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