Artists donating their passion

The Artists for Charity are comprised of artists and volunteers from all over the world who donate their time, passion, creativity, and artwork for the sake of change. Some of them paint; some of us write; some of them are not even artists. But all of them believe that there is no such thing as a small act of compassion. Dedicated people, united and working together, can change the world, one child at a time. In addition to their staff in Ethiopia, AFC has many volunteers who help make AFC a great place. Their volunteers have come from all over the world, donating their valuable time and various talents to help the kids.

Abezash Tamerat Abezash is an artist, a mom, and the heart of the AFC family.  As an art student traveling in her birth country of Ethiopia, Abezash found struggling, HIV+ children with no where to turn, and decided to create a home for them, funded by the sale of donated artwork.  What began with Abezash’s will to help one child, has become an organization with an international family of volunteers, that has reached many.  Abezash continues to play an integral role in guiding the organization, and working with AFC’s contributing artists and supporters.

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