Talking (about) Syria

Qisetna (قصتنا): Talking Syria is an online platform to preserve the Oral Heritage of Syrians displaced inside their country, on the move crossing borders, and resettling across Europe. Storytelling is profoundly rooted within the Arab Culture. Through this project currently developed by Syrians themselves, we aim for an inclusive space in which Syrians share their stories and narratives with us. Qisetna (قصتنا): Talking Syria was initiated by delGado in 2013.

In his recent works, delGado’s method juxtaposes measured photography of landscapes with personal narratives about people whose mobility is limited either by physical impairment, political obstruction, and financial or emotional constraints. Trauma and resilience dominate their world, a counterpoint to the sublime natural beauty all around them. delGado’s preoccupation to explore ideas about displacement, territory and identity, has taken him to places such Colombia, Palestine, Morocco, Sweden, Turkey and more. Searching for stories of individuals who are confronted with issues relating to freedom and movement.

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