Teenager opportunities



VolunTEEN Nation wants America’s teens to give back to the community. To do this, VolunTEEN Nation is challenging every organization and corporation in America to add a volunteer opportunity for teens to their website in order to spread the spirit of volunteerism for youth and families throughout the nation.^They believe that teenagers are ready to take action if given a chance,^ and dive into solving problems in their communities. They also believe that anyone can volunteer at any age and make a difference. To prove how much action is already happening, here is an interesting excerpt from VolunTEEN Nation’s blog, posted in July, 2013: (The Giving cities, by Kathryn Doehrmann) “When it comes to volunteering anyone can do it, the question is “who is?” My goal this week was to find out which cities are the best for volunteering. My criteria? The cities had to have a volunteering percentage 10% higher than their state’s, have creative ways of volunteering, and have volunteers of multiple age groups. Below is a list of the top cities for volunteering.Number 5: Fort Collins, Colorado. According to the Federal Agency of Volunteering and Service Fort Collins has a volunteer rate of  42.2% compared to the state’s rate of 32.6%.  Volunteers are recognized at the age of 16 years. With education it’s top priority and religious efforts coming closely behind, there is a wide variety of volunteer opportunities, along with a variety of people served. Number 4: Boulder, Colorado. With a volunteer rate of 44.8% this city ranks 12.2% over their state’s rate. With the highest percentage of volunteers volunteering 100 or more hours (39.3%), Boulder is making their community a better place. With contributions over $350.2 million dollars to charities as of 2010, it ranked the highest in its state.Number 3: Iowa City, Iowa. With a 50.9% of citizens volunteering, these Iowans are the first in our top 5 to reach over half of their population to volunteer. With multiple activities for kids to volunteer along with adults, Iowa helps a broader range of people. These volunteers focus a lot on health and religious organizations.Number 2: Ogden, Utah. Utah has long been the leading state when it comes to volunteering (40.9%). Ogden comes in at number two with a volunteering rate of 52.2%. Focusing a lot on their youth and religious non-profit organizations, they help a wide range of people with a variety of age groups.Number 1: Provo, Utah. Coming in at number one Provo, Utah has an outstanding volunteer rate of 61%, a 20.1% increase from the state saverage. Working with almost all religious organizations, Provo’s number one goal is education. It is estimated that volunteers in this city have contributed 39.6 million hours per year. Helping a variety of people, Provo shows how volunteers can improve a community. VolunteenNation_website Website: http://www.volunteennation.org/