The fun and the resilience[/su_youtube autoplay=yes]

 Capoeira 4 Refugees brings fun, resilience and happiness to the lives of children in conflict zones. We know that the best way to help is to support young people to help themselves. That’s why we train youth who are experiencing the impact of war, to become their own Changemakers.  We know that it’s especially important that girls and women can join in and that’s why we focus on helping both male and female coaches reach out to girls.  We know that to rebuild a future after the destruction of war, people need hope. That’s why we use live music, fun and play to create safe spaces for communities to learn, grow and overcome the traumas of conflict.

 ‘The Psychosocial Impact of Capoeira for Refugee Children and Youth summary‘ conducted  in partnership with the University of East London demonstrates that capoeira has a significant positive impact on improving the mental and psychosocial wellbeing of students. C4R also uses GPS Stamped, On/Offline mobile data collection tools to collect and present real-time attendance data in conflict zones and hard-to-reach project areas with extremely limited infrastructure. So far we’ve reached over 800 children and more than 200 adults with our social capoeira classes and workshops. Through Capoeira, locals and IDPs have had the chance to play, sing, move, meet and exchange. And maybe most importantly, Bidna Capoeira offered them a safe space where they could “forget about the war” (as Saira, a 8 year-old participant described her Capoeira experience).

Tarek A:lsaleh
Founder of C4R


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