A volunteer for the children of the streets

The project celebrating solidarity aims to explore, stimulate debate and advance solidarity as a crucial issue within European societies and was organized by Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation with following project partners – RadioKit Foundation (Poland), DemNet (Hungary), Multi Kulti Collective (Bulgaria), MladiInfo International (Macedonia), Partners Albania (Albania) and Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation (Serbia). All countries have a long and turbulent history of facing crises, both man-made (such as political and social upheaval, armed conflicts) as well as natural disasters (including earthquakes and floods).

The project explores a variety of issues that citizens face in those countries, while celebrating and understanding the importance of solidarity with and love for other human beings in a word of conflicts and disasters. During one year (2016-2017), and across six countries, partners have directly involved 26.856 individuals of all ages, volunteers and professionals, in an exploration of European solidarity, responsibility, and collective solutions.

Uroš Delić

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