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In poor, remote settings globally, patients and health workers often walk up to 100 miles to access healthcare resources. A rising player in the “mHealth movement,” shaking up traditional forms of rural health service delivery, Medic Mobile seeks to improve healthcare and save lives in such challenging environments through innovative applications of mobile technology. Capitalizing on the rapid uptake of mobile phones in Africa and elsewhere, the San Francisco-based organization develops platforms that use text messages to transmit patient records, provide diagnostic information, and coordinate care from extremely remote villages.

As a result, health workers are able to employ low-cost mobile technologies to better monitor patient status, mobilize communities for vaccination, run satellite clinics, provide emergency care, identify new illnesses and manage supply chains to prevent drug shortages. Building software alongside open-source tools, Medic Mobile is partnering with over thirty local and international partners across fifteen countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. The organization estimates that its technologies have already assisted more than 400,000 patients and their families in just three years of operation. Focused on expanding funding streams, Medic Mobile also runs the Hope Phones campaign, a partnership with recyclers in the United States that uses the residual value of discarded phones to subsidize new equipment for the field.

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