500 Oases in the Middle East

Oasis500 is a leading early stage and seed investment company, the first of its kind in Jordan and the MENA region. Their program includes entrepreneurship training, mentorship guidance, business incubation and additional follow-up investment and funding if required, turning new business ideas into startups and helping existing entrepreneurs grow their companies with our angel investor and mentor networks. It nurtures creative ideas in Information Technology (IT), Mobile and Digital Media, transforming them into startup companies.
The company began with a notion; building a new platform for IT entrepreneurship in Jordan and the region by helping passionate ambitious entrepreneurs start their own companies. The focus is mainly on entrepreneurship in Jordan and the region. Their candidates’ ideas manifest a movement that can develop a strong solid generation of Arab entrepreneurs, consequently adding to a better future for the MENA region. Their goal is also clear: 500 startup companies in five years. It will require vision, focus and enthusiasm.

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