A different Water Music

Commuters in London were suddenly treated one morning to a one-off performance from the WaterAid H2Orchestra – aiming to make the first Monday of every year a little more bearable by bringing water to life through music. Members of the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra swapped their usual instruments to play hundreds of glasses of water – the January drink of choice for the UK after the excess of Christmas and New Year. The exclusive performance on the bank of the Thames was celebrating the amazing power of water as a life giver, life saver and life changer.

The internationally renowned orchestra spent 174 hours composing, preparing and rehearsing over the festive season, perfecting the two-hour performance that included popular songs from 2013 such as Katy Perry’s Roar, Story Of My Life by One Direction, Adele’s Someone Like You, and Let it Go by Gary Barlow.

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