Sports as an ideal tool of social integration

Marc Larripa Fernandez

The Associació Esportiva Ramassà is a small club from Les Franqueses del Vallès (Barcelona, Spain), which has been named UN Global Goals ambassador thanks to its collaboration with Mr. Victor Ochen and his organization, the African Youth Initiative Network (AYINET). Victor Ochen is a United Nations ambassador, UNHCR advisor and a candidate for the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize.

A.E. Ramassà has been organizing cooperation projects in Africa for the last 6 years (Ethiopia, Benin, Uganda, Cameroon, Madagascar and Ivory Coast), including a football match against one of the best teams of each country.
Every year the club collaborates with NGOs and entities of the country it visits and helps them finance some of their projects which are aligned with the values ​​of A.E. Ramassà. During the trips, the club also organizes some workshops with children of the NGO to share experiences.

In 2020, from April 4 to 12, the club was scheduled to visit the Gambia, for a friendly international match against Real de Banjul FC. In the field of cooperation, this year’s collaboration will be with Nutrition Without Borders NGO and its maternal and child desnutrition program.

A.E. Ramassà also has a long-term project underway in Cameroon, where it collaborates with the creation of a training center and a football academy for children and young people at risk of social exclusion in the Etetack neighborhood of Yaounde. There are already almost 100 boys and girls enrolled, with several male and female teams. 

The projects which A.E. Ramassà carries out are always aimed at promoting peace, access to education, health and against social inequalities, using sport as a tool for social integration of children and youth in situations of socioeconomic vulnerability.

Marc Larripa Fernandez is manager of the Social Area and International Cooperation, A.E. Ramassà


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