A Poets’ Agora

A Poets’ Agora is a poetry association based in Athens and Paris. The purpose of the Poets’ Agora is to open a bilingual forum around visionary words and ideas of selected authors loosely attached to a theme, and develop an innovative conversation in a convivial and refined atmosphere.  A Poets’ Agora was born in 2015, and it holds a yearly bilingual event to let the voices of Greek poets be heard and shared in Greece and beyond, in the wider literary community. The poetry read during the recitals is gathered in a publication distributed at the event. 

The Poets’ Agora is an initiative of Angela Lyras and Karine Ancellin who are involved in the arts and in literature, and who have the idealistic insolence of thinking that poetry holds in its midst the wisdom to enlighten grim times. A Poets’ Agora will also expand its non profit activities by offering short term residencies for hellenophiles poets in Greece and in other countries. Its members are also thinking of organizing creative writing workshops. As of today, if you write Greek or Greece-inspired poetry and wish to be heard further afield you can take your chance and register on the website 

Karine Ancelline