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Watsi, founded ny Chase Adams, is a small team in San Francisco who has started a movement to provide healthcare to every person on the planet. They partner with renowned health organizations to fund low-cost, high-impact care. They keep their team small and their overhead low so we can move fast and innovate. Watsi enables anyone to directly fund life-changing healthcare for people around the world. So far, 16.922 donors have funded life-changing healthcare for 7.175 patients.

Here’s how it works : a patient seeks care. Someone brings him/her to a Watsi hospital partner. A member of the hospital staff explains Watsi to the patient and the parents. They ask if they would like to share their story with the world. The Hospital then submits patient to Watsi. A member of the hospital staff submits the patient’s profile. Once approved, they post this profile until donors fund the healthcare. 100% of donations go for the patient’s healthcare. The hospital may begin providing care before the patient is posted or fully funded on Watsi. The patient receives care and the donors receive all kinds of updates. The hospital then submits a post-treatment update on the patient and they send it to all the donors. They finally transfer the funds raised to the hospital to cover the cost of the entire patient’s care.



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