Club of Madrid, democracy that delivers?

The Club of Madrid is an independent non-profit organization composed of over 90 democratic former Presidents and Prime Ministers from more than 60 different countries, constituting the world´s largest forum of former Heads of State and Government, who have come together to respond to a growing demand for support among leaders in two key areas: democratic leadership and governance;  and  response to crisis and post-crisis situations. Both lines of work share the common goal of addressing the challenge of democratic governance and political conflict as well as that of building functional and inclusive societies, where the leadership experience of its Members is most valuable.

The Club of Madrid works to strengthen democratic institutions and to offer advice on the resolution of political conflicts in order to enhance development and improve the lives of those most in need. It assists in the identification of politically sustainable solutions to the challenges faced by todays leaders, developing practical recommendations, action plans and implementation strategies. The direct exchanges with current leaders on a peer to peer basis, and their Member´s ability to deliver the right message at the right time are an essential part of our work and is the core of our impact. Recognition of this very unique added value is confirmed by the growing demand for Club of Madrid support.

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