Colin Farrell was given an angel

The Irish actor, whose son, James, was born with Angelman Syndrome, considers that getting involved in the Foundation For Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics (FAST) changed his life. “When you’re the parent of a child with special needs, it’s important to feel that you’re not alone,” he explains. Farrell, whose son was born in 2003 with the condition, waited until he was four to open up about his diagnosis, and he is currently very active with the FAST charity.

Farrell added : “It was at the Special Olympics in Shanghai in 2007 that I decided, after consulting with James’ mother, that I wanted to talk publicly about the pride and joy I had in our son. He has enriched my life, but I don’t want to minimize the trials that so many families go through: the fear, consternation, frustration, and pain. – We share in the smallest victories: the first words at age 6 or 7, being able to feed oneself at 19, and getting the seizures under control. When James took his first steps at age 4, I nearly broke in half!”

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