Overcoming Passivity

Juan David Aristizabal is producing a culture of active change making among the youth of Colombia through Buena Nota, a platform that showcases socially minded initiatives and engages the community in their development. This online platform informs, engages, and connects young Colombians to social problems and their solutions. These young people can share their projects through notes, blog posts, videos, Buena Nota radio, and other channels that attract the attention and interaction of other Buena Nota users, widening the audience of committed and engaged citizens. People can share ideas and strategies, refine their projects, and solicit and provide financial support. The Buena Nota team provides in-depth guidance and advisory to certain social ventures.

Aristizabal envisions a paradigm shift in the way that Colombians see themselves and express their ideas for social improvement. Today Buena Nota has at least one million individuals actively involved in some way.Now, Aristizabal is ramping up the number of projects with which the platform works and is building a base of volunteers that can offer their own experience. Other new elements, such as strong, integrated relationship with academia, and a Social Entrepreneurship Bank that will connect ventures with potential investors are expected.

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