Deep digital transformation

According to John Chambers, the former CEO of Cisco, Europe is on the cusp of an unprecedented technological transformation. He calls it the Internet of Everything: the penetration of the World Wide Web into the everyday aspects of our lives. Soon, wearable technology will tell us how well we are sleeping and whether we need to exercise. Sensors in the street will help us avoid traffic jams and find parking. Telemedicine applications will allow physicians to treat patients who are hundreds of miles aay.

This massive transition will transform, according to him, how citizens interact with their governments, revolutionize entire industries, and change the way we engage with one another. In Europe, the Internet of Everything is emerging as the single most promising way to revive a moribund economy and tackle the continent’s stubborn unemployment problem, with companies, cities, and even countries positioning themselves as leaders in innovation, growth, and the creation of jobs.

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