Does everyone really have the right to work?

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the Aftercare Center for Prisoners and their Families (Edmaj) advocates for the rights of prisoners to equal work opportunities after their release from prison. Former prisoners cannot be employed because they are unable to secure the “non-conviction certificate” for up to six years after serving

their sentence, which is requested by most employers (public and private) as part of their employment conditions.

Depriving the released from his/her right to work will lead to waste productive manpower instead of investing it for the benefit of the nation. Former prisoners will thus turn to crime again, leading to increase in overall criminality and extremism rates, prison overcrowding and a financial burden for the state.

The project will work with two employers in Amman to amend guidelines of employment to eliminate the condition of “non-conviction” certificate. This project will serve as a pilot with the goal of giving former prisoners fair and equal opportunities in life after they are released from prisons. This will create a precedent for Jordan’s employers that could then be reapplied in many other locations, allowing more and more former convicts to find decent job opportunities and decent living conditions for themselves and their families.

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