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Christy Turlington Burns founded Every Mother Counts in 2010 after completing her first documentary film, “No Woman, No Cry” about a subject she has become passionate about since she became a mother herself in 2003. The experience of becoming a mother inspired her to do the advocacy work that she is most passionate about today. After a perfect pregnancy and a delivery that went just as she had envisioned it would go, she experienced a complication that while frightening and totally unexpected, was managed efficiently by her midwife and the obstetrician who backed her.

In the months that followed the birth of her daughter, she began to consider what this complication could mean for women without access to pre and postnatal care and what she learned was it can, and often does, mean death for thousands of girls and women around the world. In fact, Post Partum Hemorrhage (PPH) is the leading cause of pregnancy-related death in the world, including in the US.

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