Eyes can feel everything

Given the high value placed on sight in society, blind people are at an immediate disadvantage, not only because they cannot see, but also because sighted people assume they cannot fully contribute to society. While sight is critical to everyday life, its importance seems overvalued compared to the other senses. By focusing on the blind and visually impaired, Gina Badenoch is trying to transform expectations about what people with disabilities can achieve. A Mexican CO, Sight of Emotion, began in collaboration between her and a small group of sighted, visually impaired, and blind photographers. Her organization uses photography and sensory experiences to change both blind and sighted people’s thinking with respect to human potential.

Beyond simply finding jobs for the blind or building sighted people’s empathy towards them, her work prompts each group to rethink their assumptions and expectations. She ultimately aims not only to integrate the blind into Mexican society but also to change people’s belief in the blinds’ potential for success. Her plans include the replication of the Sight of Emotion model internationally through networks of associations.

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