How can you bring endurable peace?

In the conflicts in East-Congo, more then 5.000.000 people are believed to have died as a result of the war. Sports4HOPE is trying to bring endurable peace by means of sports and peace education. The Sports4HOPE method includes four steps: community needs assessment, project development with local partners, engaging youth in sports and peace education, and promoting long-term local ownership of the project. They also firmly believe that achieving positive outcomes largely depends on the values and principles informing decision-making throughout this process.

Their projects are aimed at engaging youth (ages 8-20) with a focus on including specific marginalized demographic groups. Girls, persons with disabilities, child soldiers, and refugees/internally displaced persons are often left on the sidelines in underdeveloped communities. Aiming to include these groups in their projects not only empowers them as active community participants, but also encourages the broader community to embrace them as well.

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