How do you put an end to human trafficking?

Derek Ellerman has created a global citizen sector organization, Polaris Project, which aims to end the third largest criminal industry in the world – human trafficking. Trafficking enslaves millions around the world, and generates billions of dollars as an industry.
Ellerman launched Polaris Project, while a student at Brown University, to end the cycle of trafficking in destination countries. Today, Polaris helps law enforcement and communities break the private trafficking networks, promotes laws against the traffickers and their assets, and provides case management and emergency shelter for victims. It has developed an extensive database of trafficking operations that is used to assist in victim outreach and law enforcement against traffickers.
While there are dozens of anti-trafficking organizations around the world, the Polaris Project is the only multicultural grassroots agency that attacks the criminal industry in the destination countries, working both at the policy level and in the trenches.


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