If you want to change the minds, change the infrastructure



Do Take Action was officially registered as a non-profit foundation in 2018. DO is a civic start-up committed to inspiring, empowering and amplifying action for sustainable development. Its goal is to build an active community of young and old people taking action to drive sustainable development in their community.

Nigeria faces many development challenges, including unemployment, corruption, malnutrition, infrastructure, human trafficking. According to projections from the world poverty clock, 108 million Nigerians will be living in extreme poverty by 2030.

A sustainable future is possible. To achieve this we need to redirect sole dependence on the government or International development agencies.Providing solutions begins with individuals, communities, profit/nonprofit organizations taking action to drive sustainable development in their locality, one action at a time.

We believe individual action at a grassroots level holds the power to building the Nigeria of our dreams. To this end, we are building a community of people and organizations taking action to drive sustainable action in their community. Beyond advocating action, our goal as an organization is to have tangible, feasible and practical projects. We are not just interested in a change of mind, but a change in physical infrastructure as well. Our work within communities coordinates and enables community members to come together to take collective action and generate solutions to common problems. This solution may involve building a needed infrastructure, providing a certain service, training and capacity development or supporting their local economy and businesses in facilitating the drive for sustainable development.

Human capital development is highly instrumental in the drive for sustainable development. We undertake capacity building projects that provide the opportunity for individuals or groups of people to enhance their skills and acquire knowledge enabling them to be of more value to themselves and their community. This, in turn, contributes to improving and securing livelihoods.

Regardless of the root cause of disasters from conflict or natural causes, the disheartening results in the number of victims and the dire need of resources are the same. We work to build a strong, rapidly responsive network that can drive individuals and communities alike to take action with little acts of kindness. We inspire and organize opportunities for individuals and groups to give locally and accelerate community-led philanthropy and rehabilitation for victims of disasters, conflicts and disenfranchised members of society.

Advocacy is always a major component of our work at DO. Offline and online advocacy campaigns foster comprehension and create awareness of the issues affecting the development of a locality, nation or a group of people. In addition, we also leverage the power of influencers to drive advocacy for social change. 

For us, the main question is: “What will you do to drive sustainable development in your community?” If every individual, organization and even government looked inward to find the answer to this question, we would be able to drive massive change and sustainable development, one action at a time.



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