You had better heed their warnings

Already present in over 25 countries globally, International Alert was one of the first independent NGOs devoted to building peace. Since its inception in 1985, the London-based organization has focused on addressing internal conflicts by creating systems for early warning of violent conflict and establishing field programs to support local efforts for peace. Working across the Caucasus, Asia, the Middle East, Great Lakes, West Africa, Latin America, and in the United Kingdom, International Alert equips individuals with the tools to avoid recurring violence. In each conflict, its personnel conduct careful analysis, assess root causes, and attempt to bridge gaps with dialogue all whilst strengthening local capacity through training, advice and support.

Recognizing that obtaining a peaceful society is only possible through working at both the high and grassroots levels, International Alert has sought to continually push the boundaries of peace building by drawing attention to underlying societal drivers of conflict through its Peacebuilding Issues Program. In 2012, International Alert plans to expand its efforts in the Middle East to ensure that inclusive institution building follows regime change across the government, justice, security and private sectors, paving the way for sustainable peace.

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