It all started with hugging trees

Sunderlal Bahuguna is an eco-activist from India. Bahuguna has spent his life working to educate Indian villagers, protesting against ecological destruction by the government and protecting the Himalayan Mountains. Bahuguna has had an active role within the Chipko and anti-Tehri Dam movements. He has contributed globally through awareness raising measures concerning deforestation, the negative effects of liquor on mountain life, and the health of the Ganges River.

Through his work, Sunderlal has become synonymous with the Chipko movement. Chipko Movement is the title of a movement that spread through India during the 1970’s. Chipko literally means to “embrace”. People, mostly women, would chain themselves to trees that government officials planned to cut down. Sunderlal’s outspoken views have ignited the young people of India into action to perpetuate the protest against the ecological ruin imposed on India.

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