London is green

Founded by Sue Riddlestone and Pooran Desai, BioRegional Development Group is an entrepreneurial charity which establishes sustainable businesses and works with partners around the world to demonstrate that a sustainable future can be easy, attractive and affordable. It delivers real life sustainable communities and businesses, including the award-winning BedZED eco-village in London, where BioRegional has its main base. BedZED is an example of innovative, zero-energy sustainable housing on a large-scale. The residential and workplace development in the London borough of Sutton is a carbon-neutral community with plentiful green spaces; as well as recycling facilities, water saving features, and a legally binding green transport plan.

The founders have also established seven associated companies, including green property developer BioRegional Quintain, a curbside recycling company for SMEs, and a clean tech company for the paper industry.


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