Meet the Global Voices of a Child

The Global Voices of a Child is a global platform/campaign that focuses on supporting vulnerable women and children, empowering local communities, and reaching a wider audience and to achieve sustainable goals. With this platform, we are trying to get as many local (African) organizations under one umbrella, in order to maximize our efforts and impact.

 So far we have partnered with NGOs in Zimbabwe, Togo, Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, Malawi, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania and Rwanda. We have supported various projects, project proposals and budget costs for these organizations. We have also sent donation packages from a Japanese NGO to Angola, Central African Republic, Algeria, Egypt, and Benin.

 Most recently, a well was built in Togo to provide 350 people (3 communities) with clean drinking water. We are looking forward to getting further support for more impactful projects and extending to more countries. Join the cause!