Lucky to be bureaucrats

Christian Bason is the Director of MindLab, a cross-ministerial innovation unit in Denmark that develops engagement models for citizens, public servants and businesses to co-create public sector services. In Christian Bason’s new book, Leading Public Sector Innovation,he outlines his model for co-creation involving the seven activities of framing, knowing, analyzing, synthesizing, creating, scaling and learning.

MindLab is a cross-governmental innovation lab that involves citizens and businesses to create new solutions for society. MindLab is also a physical workshop space – intended as a neutral zone for inspiring creativity, innovation and collaboration. It works with the civil servants in the three parent ministries of Denmark: the Ministry of Business & Growth, the Ministry of Taxation and the Ministry of Employment. These three ministries cover broad policy areas that affect the daily lives of all Danes. Taxation, entrepreneurship, digital self-service, employment services and workplace safety are some of the areas these ministries address.

MindLab’s innovation workshops seek to provide new approaches, skills, models and tools for civil servants. This may call for the creation of dedicated “safe” spaces as well as opportunities for collaborative innovation across units, departments and sectors.


Web site: http://www.mind-lab.dk/en

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