Outstanding young doctors

Global Health Corps (GHC) partners with organizations with proven success but limited resources to host international teams of young professionals for a yearlong fellowship. GHC works with the organizations to identify specific needs and outline a measurable assignment for the fellows. It recruits outstanding fellows from the U.S. and abroad who possess skills that will add immediate value to the organization and who show strong leadership potential, provides them extensive training, mentoring, professional development, and social and financial support. According to them, develop the next generation of global health leaders and improve the quality of healthcare services for the poor can only be achieved by connecting outstanding young professionals from around the world with health-focused organizations.

Indeed, the extreme disparity in health outcomes and access to healthcare that exists today between the world’s rich and the world’s poor is unjust and unsustainable. The complexity and scope of the challenges involved necessitate participation from a wide range of fields beyond medicine, from supply chain management to computer programming, monitoring and evaluation to human resource management. Yet opportunities are scarce for individuals with backgrounds outside of healthcare to use their unique skills in global health. At the same time, for those who work in traditional health fields, a lack of community with other leaders limits collaboration, knowledge sharing and support.

GHC provides opportunities for young professionals from diverse backgrounds to work on the front-lines of the fight for global health equity. they currently place fellows in Burundi, Malawi, Rwanda, Uganda, the United States, and Zambia.

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