Salma Hayek gives an opportunity

The present moment is a moment of incredible opportunity for women. And yet, this moment of opportunity is also a moment of need. We live in a world where millions of girls and women still struggle for basic rights. A world where 800 women die every day during pregnancy and childbirth, even though we have the medical know-how and means to save almost all of them. We all know these stories. We watch them unfold — almost in real time. Who are we today, if we don’t do something about it? How can we tell ourselves awareness is enough?

In the information age, there are no innocent bystanders. We all share in everything that happens. But that means we also have the chance, the ability, and the responsibility, to right what is wrong. We can be defined not just by what we know, but by what we do. That’s the vision behind CHIME FOR CHANGE, a new initiative promoting girls’ and women’s empowerment, with a focus on education, health and justice. CHIME FOR CHANGE is all about turning awareness into meaningful action. Through it, one could turn social media into a springboard for social justice.

They’re working with Catapult, the first crowd-funding platform focused on the advancement of girls and women, to link the CHIME community directly to projects where help is needed most. Catapult currently represents more than 60 organizations pursuing change around the world. On the CHIME FOR CHANGE website, you can see dozens on projects on a range of social issues, from economic security to maternal health, HIV/AIDS, human trafficking, child brides, technology, rights, domestic violence and more. With just a few keystrokes — it takes just a few seconds – everyone can participate too, and start making a positive difference on a cause that matters.

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