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Educate! delivers to 16-20 year old youth within Ugandan schools a practical and relevant model of education, comprised of a leadership and entrepreneurship course, interactive teaching, intensive mentorship, experience starting an enterprise, and access to out of school networks and resources. Through advocacy and direct service in schools, they are working to get this model to be part of the education system. Educate!’s primary program, The Educate! Experience, is focused on developing young leaders and entrepreneurs. Here’s how it works: Educate! sends Mentor Fellows into partner secondary schools for the last year and a half of high school to run The Educate! Experience. Their Mentor Fellows are all carefully selected, thoroughly supported and trained. Educate!’s Mentor Fellows work with students, who we call Educate! Scholars. Scholars begin the program in the fifth year of secondary school at approximately age 16 and participate for four terms. While in the schools Educate!’s Mentor Fellows teach a two-year, world-class entrepreneurship and leadership course to Scholars. The course was developed with leading organizations worldwide including African Leadership Academy, Private Education Development Network, and Transformative Action Institute, among others. The Educate! Scholars receive mentorship through the challenges they face in starting enterprises and community initiatives as well as in their personal lives. Mentor Fellows create group and individual mentoring relationships with Scholars and also connect them to advisors, external mentors, and other resources in their communities. They build relationships with the Scholars based on empathy. Relationships with caring adults help Scholars gain confidence in their abilities to solve challenges they face themselves and those they see in their communities. That confidence and empowerment translates to entrepreneurship and leadership when Scholars take action to start enterprises and create change. The positive change Scholars create directly reflects the empathy the relationship with their Mentor is built upon. Thus, with understanding of the empathy at the heart of their successful relationship with their mentors, Scholars go on to use that same empathy with people they work with on enterprises and other initiatives. Educate_website   Website:


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