Sport as life-changing instrument

Football is the world’s most popular sport, inspiring millions of players and fans across the globe. By harnessing the passion for the game, streetfootballworld brings individuals and organisations together behind a common goal: empowering young people. In addition, streetfootballworld strives to develop the football industry into a sustainable ecosystem, with social change embedded at the core of the business. Indeed, for more than twenty years, organisations all over the world have used football to increase their impact in communities, addressing issues such as HIV/AIDS prevention, social integration, education and peace building. streetfootballworld has converted these isolated initiatives into a truly global network that currently unites nearly 120 such organisations across 70 countries; in 2015 alone, these organisations reached close to 2.1 million young people around the world. Griesbeck’s organisation drives an international collaboration of private and public sector bodies to strengthen its network members through capacity development programs, expertise sharing, partnerships and advocacy work.

Partnering with selected corporations, foundations, governments and philanthropists, streetfootballworld aims to build a mission-driven, sector-wide coalition that maximizes and sustains the social impact of football within society. Current partners include Adidas, Gillette, Sony, Hyundai, the German government, SAP, the Coca-Cola Foundation, the European Union and the Inter-American Development Bank. The organisation also works closely with football governing bodies such as FIFA and UEFA, with a focus on developing strategies for social change and delivering social legacy programs for mega-events. Initiatives include the construction of twenty “Football for Hope” centers across Africa, creating a lasting social legacy for the 2010 World Cup. Recently, streetfootballworld agreed on a ten-year football and social responsibility plan with the Asian Football Conference, a partnership that promises to utilize the huge potential of Development through Football in Asia.


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