Stop the massacre of animals in Craiova



(the video contains disturbing content) Recently, one local NGO of Craiova in Romania went to check on the strays within the local public shelter – a shelter that has imposed a rule to destroy all aggressive dogs every 7 days. The dogs inside are far from aggressive, they are elderly, frail, some only a month or so of age, others do not even have any teeth. These are the animals that local people have called the dogcatchers in simply because the majority in Romania hate the sight of dogs on there streets. The dog catchers have falsely imprisoned these animals and tagged them dangerous. The NGO were denied entry into the shelter and could be seen “The Butchers” a vet allegedly stated by the local mayor to no longer be working at that shelter for his inhumane and horrific procedures he carried out on hundreds of previous shelter victims. The police also guarded the shelter gate, illegally stopping entry by the local NGO (registered and authorized animal welfare group) inside obviously something the city hall and the public shelter did not want to be witnessed. The chief of police was called and rather than investigate and enforce the law that would allow the NGO to gain entry and care for the dogs, he ordered more police to arrive and intimidate the persons who legally should have been allowed to enter. A Red Alert was started by our charity which saw hundreds world wide act within minutes to the demanding the massacre of the innocent animals to be stopped and the NGO be allowed entry. The mayors reaction was to order “The Butcher” to be taken under police protection out of the shelter. However the NGO still were not allowed into the shelter, and so it can only be assumed already an illegal massacre of innocent (not aggressive) animals has taken place. Taking also into account that many public shelters in Romania prefer the cheaper barbaric methods of killing an animal rather than humane methods, it does not bare thinking about of what pain and brutality the innocents in that shelter possibly have suffered.