A city network propelling a locally driven energy transition


Energy Cities is a European non-profit network of over 1,000 local governments in 30 countries. We believe that the energy transition is about more than renewable energy, energy efficiency or great technologies: it is about a wise use of resources, while strengthening local participation and well-being in a democratic Europe. 

We advocate for a radical transformation of the energy systems and policies, giving citizens the power to shape a decentralized energy future based on renewables and energy efficiency. We trigger a trustful dialogue between citizens, local leaders and EU & national institutions to accelerate the energy transition in Europe. Energy Cities help cities raise their voice. Through persistent advocacy work in Brussels and EU Member States, we transform European governance and legal frameworks to allow cities to fully play their part in the energy transition. 

Our events provide creative spaces for the members of the network to connect and share experiences. We develop, test and apply new solutions in projects. They serve as tools for others. The stories we share demonstrate the many benefits of a participatory energy transition to national and European decision-makers.

Energy Cities is steered by a Board of Directors, a group consisting of local elected representatives from 11 European cities. The German city of Heidelberg currently holds the Presidency of the network. The Board regularly meets with European policy-makers to share cities’ needs and strengthen local level participation in EU decision-making. It meets 3 times per year to take strategic political decisions and to discuss the general orientation of Energy Cities’ activities. It also ensures the sound financial management of the organisation.

The network is based in Besançon (head office) and Brussels (EU office).