The best Web 2.0 Classrooms Tools (1)

eJucomm’s founder and current teacher, Dalinda Gonzalez-Alcantar, was inspired by the affordability and accessibility of smartphones and took to the internet to learn to code just so her parents and students could gain mobile access to important information and communication tools needed to participate in schools.

Teaching in the poorest county in the entire country, Gonzalez-Alcantar learned to code for Apple and Android devices because internet access in homes was scarce but Android devices proved to be in almost every home and apartment across the community. After surveying students and parents regarding information and tools they wanted, eJucomm was born. Now it creates unique school mobile application solutions for schools and districts across the country and are now made by a team of educators in The Rio Grande Valley.

Their mission of eJucomm is to create school mobile apps that students, parents, and teachers will actually use that feature tools and information they really need to stay connected to their school from anywhere. Their vision: harnessing the affordability of smartphones for all ages, races, and socioeconomic status, our vision is to create the most affordable mobile application technology for schools so more students and families then ever before will have fair access to important school information and meaningful communication tools that will translate into effective family participation for their children.

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