How does science benefit society?

The European Spallation Source (ESS) is a multi-disciplinary research centre based on the world’s most powerful neutron source. This new facility will be up to 100 times brighter than today’s leading facilities, enabling new opportunities for researchers in the fields of life sciences, energy, environmental technology, cultural heritage and fundamental physics.

Advanced research requires advanced tools. Improved visualization techniques enable researchers to observe our world and universe better. From the very large to the very small, when science moves forward, it is often due to breakthrough improvements in the tools available for scientific experiments.

The Hubble Telescope, Voyager 2, and the Very Large Array allow the ESS to directly and indirectly investigate the distant places and hidden elements of our universe. In the same way, a neutron source and its instruments enable scientists to see and understand basic atomic structures and forces. It can be compared with a giant microscope for the study of different materials – from plastics and pharmaceuticals, to engines, protiens, molecules and nanotechnology. ESS is a significant step forward in the science of everyday life.

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