What can you do in a crisis?

CrisisCommons came out of the CrisisCamp movement of volunteers who collaborate to assist response organizations in civil incident management. Random Hacks of Kindness is a spin-off project that mobilizes the global community to “hack for humanity” and develop computer code that responds to global challenges. Their community of volunteers comes from technology, crisis response organizations, government agencies, and citizens working together to build and use technological tools to respond to disasters.

CrisisCommons actively supports CrisisCamp, which seeks to connect a global network of volunteers who use creative problem solving techniques/open technologies to help people and communities in times of crisis. CrisisCampers are not only coders, programmers, and/or geospatial and visualization specialists, but also persons who can lead teams, manage projects, share information, search the internet, translate languages, know usability, write a research paper or edit wikis. CrisisCamp began in March of 2009 as an event to connect crisis management/global development practitioners to the technology volunteer community. During the Haiti response, CrisisCamp became a movement and added a response mechanism to the community.

Since 2009, CrisisCommons has coordinated crisis event responses in Haiti, Chile and Japan, Thailand, Nashville and Pakistan. Thousands of people have participated worldwide in over thirty cities across ten countries including France, United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, Chile and Colombia.


Web site: http://crisiscommons.org/

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