The Dutch in Yemen[/su_youtube autoplay=yes]


 The war in Yemen has continued amidst an ever-worsening humanitarian crisis. The Netherlands scaled up its diplomatic and financial efforts in support of an inclusive peace process and the delivery of much-needed assistance. 

 Whilst Yemen is still sheltering refugees from the Horn of Africa, many Yemenis and Somalis have started to flee to other countries. Conflict has also drawn in a wide array of actors seeking to take advantage of the chaos, including violent terrorist organisations with international ambitions. 

 Yemen is located on a major trade route of great strategic and economic importance to the Netherlands. The war in Yemen has consequences that go far beyond its borders, affecting the stability of the Arab region and, consequently, also the stability of Europe.

 The six members in the Yemen Joint Response of the Dutch Relief Alliance are focused on saving and sustaining lives in a complex and protracted emergency setting, with a commitment to ensuring a gender-sensitive and conflict-sensitive response within each individual programme. 


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