The library fight in Chile

In an effort to address the high illiteracy rate in Chile, the Fundacion La Fuente created by Veronica Abud establishes school libraries, improves public libraries, equips mobile school and community libraries, and develops museums and cultural centers in both urban and rural areas. Its staff members include all kinds of teachers, literature experts, actors, musicians, commercial engineers, sociologists, librarians and management experts. Fundacion La Fuente developed the first public libraries in shopping centers throughout Chile. Known as Biblioteca Viva (Living Library), it is more than just a place that lends books. These libraries include theatre, painting, movies and many other cultural activities. Creando los Lectores del Manana (Creating Tomorrow’s Readers), another important program of the foundation, develops school, public and mobile libraries for students and communities.

The focus of the program is to introduce to a community, particularly its children, the pleasures of reading by providing materials that respect their interests and needs. In general, Fundacion La Fuente supports projects for one to two years. Once they are well established, they are handed over to local municipalities or school boards. It finances the education projects through support from companies that are willing to invest in communities related to their business activities. Equipping cultural centers for students and adults is significantly important to the function of any educational program. The creation of libraries in schools or public areas aims at improving the quality of life for many disadvantaged communities.

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