The revolution of sharing


The revolution of sharing

London, UK : Benita Matofska presents for OLBIOS the work of Generation Share


Generation Share, published for Global Sharing Week, captures 200 untold stories on how the Sharing Economy is saving and transforming the lives of millions across the world. Generation Share, the largest compilation of case studies evidencing the untold story of how the Sharing Economy is saving and transforming lives, creating economic, social and environmental value has been published to illustrate the global impact of this international phenomenon. The book takes readers on a journey around the globe to meet the people at the forefront of change. New research released to accompany Generation Share evidences the social and environmental impact of the sharing economy for the first time, dispelling myths and demonstrating that the Sharing Economy is far more wide-reaching than Airbnb and Uber.

Generation Share has been published to coincide with and celebrate the 5th Global Sharing Week, the largest annual international celebration of sharing and the Sharing Economy taking place between 16th and 21st June. With over 200 “change-maker” micro-stories, Generation Share has the largest collection of unheard Sharing Economy case studies. From the woman transforming the lives of slum girls in India, to the UK entrepreneur who has started a food sharing revolution, you’ll discover the creators of life-saving milk banks, a crowdfunding platform for training and employment for the homeless, a care platform enabling the elderly to live longer and stay in their own homes and TrustedHousesitters, which helps pets stay safe and cared for at home.

By understanding what the Sharing Economy is we see that Sharing and its impact is now a global phenomenon with millions of lives saved and transformed. The research conducted for Generation Share demonstrates that we have enough resources to feed, house, clothe and educate the global population. If we can unleash our collective capacity to share, we could end world poverty. Generation Share are the change makers of our time, the founders, trailblazing social entrepreneurs who are educating slum kids or creating a food sharing revolution to tackle food waste and poverty, along with micro-entrepreneurs or users of services who are change-makers themselves.





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