The story of Yo Soy 132 in Mexico

It seems that it just takes a couple of brave students plus one collective vision in order to awaken a society’s hunger for democracy. In the final months leading up to the last Mexican presidential elections, 132 students from a private university– Universidad Iberoamericana– decided to defy the media’s allegedly favorite candidate, Enrique Peña Nieto. Immediately Nieto’s party accused these students of being secretly organized by one of the opposition parties, and of course this only triggered more indignation, giving birth to a new apolitical movement that supports a platform for the universal value of free information and media democracy.

Probably inspired by student movements that recently took place in England, Chile and Spain, the Mexican organization “Yo Soy #132” is now fighting for the sake of creating an alternative way towards change. Sick of the constant failures and corruption of the politicians as well as the indifference of the people, this movement has for the first time started to defy the aristocratic system which is behind most of the decisions taking place on the Mexican political scene.

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