The Sun Saluter

Eden Full, a 19-year-old mechanical engineering student at Princeton University has developed a non-toxic, cheap, recyclable device made out of metal and bamboo that allows solar panels to track the Sun without the use of an electric motor. She has dubbed it the ‘Solar Saluter’. This boosts the output of the solar panels by about 40% using an economic and simple method, as apposed to traditional trackers commonly used in commercial projects (her technology costs $10, a lot less than the typical $600 solar tracker). Eden has won a number of prestigious awards for this ‘simple’ device. Eden Full advocates harnessing the power of the sun with her invention: the Sun Saluter solar panel. These low-cost panels that rotate to follow the sun throughout the day are constructed entirely from locally sourced and recyclable materials. As an added bonus, Sun Saluter panels can be installed underneath any existing solar panel with just a few minor adjustments.

It seems that the wheels are turning. Sun Saluter is currently being tested in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda, with the first few hundred units set to be shipped out by the middle of this year. Eden’s goal is that her invention, which increases solar panel energy output by an impressive forty percent, will be utilized in the developing world as well as in established markets.


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