What can ally 140 governments?

The Global Partnership for Oceans is a new approach to restoring ocean health. It mobilizes finance and knowledge to activate proven solutions for the benefit of communities, countries and global well-being. The GPO is a growing alliance of over 140 governments, international organizations, civil society groups, and private sector interests committed to addressing the threats to the health, productivity and resilience of the ocean. The Partnership aims to tackle documented problems of overfishing, pollution, and habitat loss. Together these problems are contributing to the depletion of a natural resource bank that provides nutrition, livelihoods and vital ecosystem services.

The GPO is in line with previous internationally agreed commitments and taking into consideration growing impacts of climate change such as : Significantly increase global food fish production from both sustainable aquaculture and sustainable fisheries by adopting best practices and reducing environmental and disease risk to stimulate investment; Reduce the open access nature of fisheries by creating responsible tenure arrangements, including secure access rights for fishers and incentives for them to hold a stake in the health of the fisheries; and Enable the world’s overfished stocks to be rebuilt and increase the annual net benefits of capture fisheries by at least $20 billion, including through reducing subsidies that promote overfishing.

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