What is Gender Responsible Tourism?

Women are extremely adept and competent in creating, marketing, promoting and managing the development of tourism. The increase of female potential offers an advantage to the social and economic (local and global) development for men and women, in all sectors, including tourism. And yet, women are confronted with obstacles.
How can the role of numerous women involved in tourism be strengthened and how can discrimination against them be eliminated? Gender Responsible Tourism (GRT) achieves this through communication: speaks about them, makes people talk about them, makes them talking to each other. They want more tourists to visit places where women are deservedly the ones who receive them, sell artisan products, cook, offer tours, educate them about their culture, manage, and are involved in decision making at all levels of tourism processes.

They want to increase the number of women who work rightfully in this sector. They want them to create projects through sharing and participation to bring about equality in the work world, against the stereotypes. They want to generate new activities, to organize new trips that responsible tourists enjoy as well as create a forum for queries and offers in this market of quality and excellence operated by women. Women who send them their stories, their photos, their strengths are the main protagonists.



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