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YTF (Youth for Technology Foundation) is an innovative non-profit organization that uses the power of technology to transform the lives of disadvantaged people in developing countries. It is trying to build human capital through the development of innovative programs that use technology as a medium to educate, fight poverty, and stimulate entrepreneurship. Since 2001, YTF has worked in regions of Africa plagued by poverty and pervasive unemployment. YTF Academy provides beneficiaries with life skills and resources to join the economic mainstream. Since its inception, 40% of YTF Academy graduates have been employed by local companies in YTF’s partner network, and are being paid three times the national median salary.

Their strategy is based on what they call “appropriate technology:” technology (mobile phones, the Internet and community radio) that can be applied to 90% of the population in developing countries. For ITF, appropriate technology is human centered and scaled, as well as easily replicable.

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