Why give a disabled person a job?

In 1994, Jean-Louis Ribes realized his dream of starting his own consulting business. Many clients shared their difficulty with complying with laws regarding employment of disabled people. He created DSI with the mission to improve perceptions of the work value of disabled people. DSI employs disabled people to perform industrial and tertiary services, such as data capturing and photocopying. However, these jobs can evolve quickly to higher positions. DSI employees, for instance, work in industrial logistics and R&D, which includes a contract with France’s Ministry of Defense.

Other areas where DSI works include providing aeronautical parts for Airbus and transportation logistics for Air France in Toulouse. At DSI, individual development is extremely important; each disabled employee is trained and coached. About 80% of those employed by DSI are disabled.Of the disabled people hired by DSI, 80% have neither had an employer before, nor a specialized background. DSI presents its initiative as an advantage rather than a constraint to corporate clients.

DSi - presentation

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