A clinic for human rights

The Stanford International Human Rights and Conflict Resolution Clinic, launched in 2011, addresses a range of situations of rights abuse and violent conflict around the world. By providing direct representation to victims and by working with communities that have suffered or face potential abuse, the Clinic seeks both to train advocates and advance the cause of human rights and global justice. The Clinic’s supervisors, Professor James Cavallaro, Clinical Lecturer Stephan Sonnenberg and Clinical Teaching Fellow Clara Long have worked on torture, summary executions, indigenous rights, civil conflict and transitional justice in more than twenty countries.

The Clinic engages students in sophisticated and multi-disciplinary advocacy to advance the basic human rights and dignity of victimized individuals and communities globally. Students divide their time between an intensive clinical seminar and ongoing clinical advocacy projects. They are thus exposed to a range of tools and strategies to promote respect for rights and dignity, including factual documentation, elaboration and distribution of reports describing rights abuse, traditional litigation before national and international institutions, community empowerment strategies, and conflict transformation techniques.

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