So you thought slavery was a thing of the past?

Illicit and violent commercial human trafficking has tragically become the 21st century version of the global slave trade. Multinational organized crime syndicates kidnap and commercialize women, men and children for heinous and inhumane acts of domestic slavery, prostitution, narcotics smuggling and other criminal activities. Argentina now plays host to human trafficking at a startlingly high rate. Since 2007 Mercedes Assorati has spearheaded the design and execution of her initiative, which helps people overcome the sense of dehumanization from which they suffered in their captivity and unites stakeholders in society behind her efforts.

Believing that a synergy between civil society and the government must exist to address this deep problem, she is also building coalitions of organizations, advocacy groups and social service agencies in the citizen sector into an integrated support structure. This network of actors receives specialized training from her group and promotes her toolbox of over 700 different tools and resources that individuals, COs and governments can employ to combat and prevent human trafficking. Simultaneously, she focuses on public policy changes and the use of innovative law suits for victims in order to achieve a large-scale reform. Instead of just merely advocating for change, Mercedes Assorati is spearheading it.


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