The Danish and the urgency to end torture

DIGNITY is a Danish human rights institute which works with treatment, research, international development work and advocacy under one roof. They are represented in more than 20 countries where we cooperate with local partner organisations to fight torture and help torture victims and their families to a better life.DIGNITY works to eradicate torture, abuse and organised violence in Denmark as well as abroad. They do so because we know that torture destroys people, increases violence in society and creates a fundamental sense of insecurity and fear in the countries where torture is used. 

DIGNITY was one of the first places in the world to offer treatment to torture victims. For more than 30 years they have been helping torture victims to a better life. On a global scale we work in politics, law and healthcare to make sure that all torture victims get the necessary treatment. The organization resides in Denmark, but our work for a world without torture is global. Torture takes place in more than 131 countries (Amnesty2014).



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