The horror of “honour”



HBVA (Honour Based Violence Awareness Network) is an international digital resource centre working to advance understanding of HBV (honour based violence) and forced marriage through research, documentation, information and training for professionals who may encounter women, girls and men at risk of these forms of abuse in order to suggest good practise in responding to their needs. HBVA builds and promotes a network of experts, activists, and NGOs from around the world, by establishing partnerships with international activists and groups working in this area in order to facilitate greater collaboration as well as highlighting the essential work of the NGOs activists and grassroots groups on the ground providing hands on assistance to young women and men at risk, with the knowledge in cases like those of Banaz Mahmod, people have died due to inappropriate and poorly-informed responses to their situations. HBVA, founded by Norwegian artist and human rights activist Deeyah and Joanne Payton of Cardiff University, provides guidance, links to resources and studies, and also links to organisations that are available to provide practical assistance and advice on a case-by-case basis. It intends to become a comprehensive source of information and research materials in both written and multimedia formats organized into an easily navigated digital resource. The film “Banaz, a love story” is a documentary film chronicling such an act of overwhelming horror – the honour killing of Banaz Mahmod, a young British woman in suburban London in 2006, killed and “disappeared” by her own family, with the agreement and help of a large section of the Kurdish community, because she tried to choose a life for herself. It was a case which shocked the entire world and received enormous international press coverage; but until now, the voice of Banaz herself has never been heard. As the result of four painstaking years gaining the trust and co-operation of the extraordinary police officers who solved the case, the film contains heart-breaking footage of Banaz herself, detailing the horrors she was facing and accurately predicting her own brutal murder. The footage, which has never before been seen and has been obtained by the filmmakers for the first time, displays the warmth, beauty and courage of Banaz. International Honour Based Violence Resource Centre_website Website:


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